April 18, 2019

Your Phone Screen May Be Giving You Cancer: Blue Light Damage, Circadian Disruption, Biohacking Light, And Shift Work Woes — #043

You probably have a cell phone. You likely have a laptop. And if you're like the average human being on the planet, you may end most days staring into a TV. And if you fit any of these criteria, there's a good chance you're doing damage to your physical health due to artificial blue light exposure, possibly increasing your chance of coming down with diseases like cancer, and diabetes.

Unfortunately, artificial blue light damage is everywhere. And in a modern society, it's fundamentally rewiring the way your body operates, and messing up the fundamental homeostasis that you should be operating in all the time. This is quite a new problem however, and something none of our ancestor cultures had to deal, as we've only been suffering because of it for not much over a century.

In this episode, I talk about the shocking statistics related to an increase in cancer in shift workers, some of the jobs that are at the highest risk of circadian disruption, what artificial blue light damage after dark is doing to your biology, how our bodies are designed to work in tune with the sun, what the sunrise and sunset are doing in terms of setting our circadian clock, how circadian disruption is linked to weight, why you may have trouble losing weight if you spend a lot of time in devices after dark, what green light damage is and how dangerous it possibly is, how to ensure your devices aren't damaging you as much with a few mitigating tips, how some simple red lenses could save you from circadian disruption, and much more.

This truly is an episode for everyone who lives in any modern environment, which I would say is every single person listening to this episode.


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