May 8, 2019

Woke As F*ck: The Biological Temple, Sacred Sexual Energy, Divine Feminine And Masculine, Biohacking Spirituality, And Discovering Destiny — Chris Storey | #055

Chris Storey is my Yoda. Chris is the founder of Primal Alchemy (, podcaster, philosopher, and all-round "Woke AF" dude, in the most positive sense of the term. Chris' first interview on the Bio Alchemy podcast (episode #38, listen here: is by far my most downloaded episode to date, and with good reason. His knowledge and wisdom on topics physical, wellbeing, spiritual and esoteric is vast, and Chris has a way of describing some of these complex concepts with such simplicity and grace that seems to make all of you want more. And it's for this reason that Chris is the first guest to return for a second interview on the Bio Alchemy podcast, which I'm very happy to share with you all today.

Be aware that for those of you who want straight biohacking information, this episode isn't one of those. And although Chris and I do touch on a few biohacking concepts in this episode like sun gazing, grounding, cellular energy, mitochondria, and a few others, this is definitely jammed to the brim with more spiritual, soul-nourishing juice, that your brain needs a healthy dose of from time to time.

In this episode, Chris and I discuss the slaying of dragons in life to level up, what the human biological and electrical temple is, how photons and light power the human battery and your mitochondria on a cellular level, harnessing your innate masculine and feminine power, and why men and women need both, ancient mystery religions, sacred geometry, why guys need to stop masturbating in order to conserve your powerful life-force energy, how men and women can cultivate more sexual energy, the frozen music of creation, and so much more.

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