June 3, 2019

Why Do Finnish People Live So Long? A Biohacking Doctor’s Advice On Nature, EMF, Fat, And Extending Life — Dr Olli Sovijärvi | #073

Dr Olli Sovijärvi is a medical doctor, biohacker, and leading light in the biohacking community. Olli ditched his career in the standard medical system in Finland after coming to the realisation that the "sick care" system didn't work in many ways, and turned to holistic health and biohacking, in order to learn about and share with the world what people could do to prevent sickness and disease, instead of just treating those conditions once people had them.

Alongside Jaakko Halmetoja and Teemu Arina, Olli is one of the authors of the Biohacker's Handbook (https://biohackingbook.com/), a fantastic manual for those who want to take control of all aspects of their health, and learn what it takes to get the most out of each day by optimising every aspect of their lives imaginable. And when he's not creating kickass manuals for human optimisation, he's also working on projects like the Biohacker Summit, which will be celebrating its 5th anniversary this November in Helsinki, Finland.

In this episode, we talk about why Olli turned his back on the standard healthcare system in Finland, what anti-nutrients are and why they're so important to remove from your foods, how powerful nature can be as a healing tool, how you can start to see healing benefits from being in nature for as little as 10 minutes, what the research is saying about EMF and why Olli believes they're so dangerous, what some of the reasons are as to why the Finnish people are some of the longest-lived and healthiest on the planet, why fats are not bad, some of his daily biohacking practices, and so much more. We also discuss the Finnish concept of sisu, which is a concept I was familiar with, though many of you may not be. And in my error, I forgot to ask Olli to elaborate on it for all of you. In short though, sisu is what the Finns consider their determined spirit and persistence, which he believes is a part of what leads to Finland's healthy population.

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