April 25, 2019

What Do Vegans Get Wrong? Plant-Based Biohacking, 8 Common Damaging Deficiencies, And Natural Supplementation Hacks — #047

Vegans catch a lot of flak sometimes in the biohacking world, mostly from those who tend to observe an ancestral type diet, or followers of paleo, keto, or and especially those who abide by the carnivore diet. And while I personally don't believe a vegan diet is the healthiest option for optimal human performance, I also don't believe that a diet that includes standard industrially-farmed meat is either, due to it being filled with hormones, antibiotics, and a ton of other junk.

In saying all that, this episode is not an argument for or against a primarily vegan or vegetarian diet, as it's not my intention in this episode to tackle that. However, this episode has been designed to uncover what the science is saying about the compounds, elements, and minerals that someone observing these lifestyles is likely deficient in, as well as how to biohack these deficiencies to optimise your health to the best of your ability, while avoiding animal-based products as much as you can.

In this episode, I cover the most common things you're likely to be deficient in as a vegan or vegetarian, what some of these deficiencies can lead to in the short and long term, how to get more of compounds like creatine, selenium, and amino acids into your body, how to do this as naturally as possible, how to supplement if you can't find a natural source, some biohacking upgrades to make supplementing more powerful, some statistics on the average deficiencies of some of these compounds in those who observe a meatless diet, and much more.

Again, this episode isn't designed as a tool to try and change your mind or your lifestyle if you observe a plant-based diet, only as a tool to help you get more of the things you're likely missing out of into your life.


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