May 2, 2019

Unearthing Your God-Like Intelligence With Psychedelics: Evaporating The Thinker, Bad Trips, Integration, And Biohacking With Plant Medicine — Erick Godsey | #052

Erick Godsey is one of my favourite conversations to date on the Bio Alchemy podcast. Erick has a truly interesting mind, and is unique in his ability to express the journey of psychedelics in a way few people are able to. He's a student of psychology and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world. He has a BS in Cognitive psychology and is currently reading Carl Jung's Collected Works.

This episode comes to you courtesy of the fact that one of the most requested topics that I delve deeper into is that of psychedelics, their effects on the brain, and how they can be used to experience heightened or enhanced states of human consciousness. Although it's something I've spoken about in previous episodes with guests like Cami Petyn (Supreme Banana) and Kyle Maynard, it seemed that a lot of you in my listening audience wanted more, hadn't yet delved into this world, or wanted an episode dedicated to a general overview of psychedelics. And I'm very happy that it's Erick that will be taking you on this journey, and expanding your mind on the intrinsic wisdom psychedelics can share with us when we open ourselves up to them in the right way.

In this episode, Erick and I discuss some of the science behind how psychedelics affect our brain, how psychedelics are being used in medicine to treat serious conditions, the death of the ego and how it can help us see the world in a new light, how old stereotypes around psychedelics are fast being destroyed due to the medicinal benefits of these compounds, some recommendations if you've never done a psychedelic, how to deal with a bad trip, and much more.

I highly recommend you check out Erick's podcast The Myths That Make Us which I will link to below, along with Erick's social media handles, and website.




ERICK ON INSTAGRAM: @erickgodsey




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