June 24, 2019

Vitamin D And Over 1,000 Genes: How Using Infrared Light Can Biohack Body And Mind To Optimal Health — Bryan Gohl | #084

Bryan Gohl is a biohacker, avid self-experimenter, wellness expert, yoga teacher, and health coach, as well as someone I've been keen to chat to for some time on the Bio Alchemy podcast, simply due to how many aspects of health and human optimisation he has knowledge in.

Also the founder of Red Light Rising (https://redlightrising.co.uk/), Bryan is one of the world's leading experts on infrared and near-infrared therapy, and how it can be integrated into a wellness practice to boost the function of the human body and mind, as well as massively aid in recovery and athletic performance. Almost completely a carnivore in his dietary observations, Bryan discusses how this lifestyle changed his gut health, fixed his joint pain, and changed his overall energy levels. As you all know, the carnivore diet is something I've chatted about in previous episodes of the podcast and something I don't necessarily completely agree with, though Bryan will enlighten you on how it's personally aided him in many aspects of his life.

In this episode, we discuss why natural light is so important for overall human health, how our ancestors used natural light and built their day around it, how over 1,000 genes are governed by light and vitamin d production, how red light therapy can be beneficial to health, what it can do for your mitochondria, Bryan's experiences on the carnivore diet, some of his daily biohacking practices, and much more.


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