April 19, 2019

The Ultimate Herbal Coffee Alternative: Biohacking With Hypercharged Adaptogens, Activating Eustress, And Ancient Healing Herbs — Lopa Van Der Mersch | #044

Lopa Van Der Mersch is the founder of Rasa Koffee (https://rasakoffee.com/), the world's first coffee alternative to offer functional benefits through adaptogenic herbs. And while there are many in the biohacking world who are hardcore coffee junkies (myself included) for reasons beyond just the morning pick-me-up effects, there are some who just can't integrate it into their lives.

Not everyone is a fan of coffee. Whether for reasons of sensitivity to caffeine, allergy, an intolerance to coffee on some level, or just because it gives you a serious case of the jitters, there are many reasons you may not be a daily coffee drinker. And although there is always the possibility of turning to tea, for some, tea just doesn't cut it in giving the same nootropic, focus, and energy benefits that coffee provides. Luckily, Rasa Koffee is not only an alternative to standard coffee, but a powerful adaptogen blend that can aid your body in so many ways, beyond just stimulating effects.

In this episode, we discuss the herbal make up of Rasa Koffee, what makes the compounds in it so special, some of the health and healing benefits of these herbs, what adaptogens are and why they're so essential for humans living in a modern society, how adaptogens can extremely effectively beat stress, how they can help your body maintain homeostasis, what eustress is and why your body needs it, sustainability in business and what Rasa Koffee are doing to maintain this, how there are almost always two sides to a story when it comes to any supplement or compound, Lopa's morning tea ceremony practice, and so much more.

For anyone looking to try out Rasa Koffee, Lopa has also offered listeners of the Bio Alchemy podcast a 20% discount by using the code "BIOALCHEMY" when you check out. The link to Rasa Koffee's website 


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