April 9, 2019

The Ultimate Energy Producing Supplement: Eliminating Fatigue, Creatine Stacking Secrets, Uncovering ATP, And Cellular Biohacking — #036

Creatine: it's not just for athletes, bodybuilders, or those who need to get more out of their workouts. For biohackers, and humans who want to get more out of their body, and feel like they have an abundance of energy, creatine is something that's been used for decades as an almost cure-all fix for fatigue, tiredness, or a lack of energy.

As you'll hear about in this episode, I've been taking creatine almost like clockwork every day for increased energy, and is one of the very few supplements I don't cycle off on the weekends. And that's because unlike almost anything else in my biohacker's toolkit, creatine is extremely effective, safe, and one of the most researched compounds to help our bodies undergo the physical processes we need to function, and to work optimally.

It's all because of adenosine triphosphate, that all-important molecule we more commonly refer to as ATP. Without ATP we'd all be dead, and without enough creatine you don't produce enough ATP, meaning your cells and muscles don't have the basic energy they need to do the thing they need to in order to function properly. And you don't need to be a high-performing athlete to feel the effects of a lacking in ATP, the simple fact is that the vast majority of average humans who don't think too much about their biology or taking care of it, likely don't function on a daily basis producing sufficient ATP.

As you'll hear about in this episode, creatine is something I recommend to just about everyone due to its effectiveness, extreme levels of safety, and the fact that it seems to work on almost everyone to get more results in terms of energy, basically across the board.


THORNE CREATINE: https://amzn.to/2IjHmkm 

CREATINE STUDIES: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-creatine/art-20347591 

CREATINE + BAKING SODA: https://barbend.com/baking-soda-strength-athletes/ 



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