May 9, 2019

The Simple Toxin-Fighting Tonic That Defends Your DNA: Herbal Biohacking With EVOO And Thyme To Supercharge Your Natural Defences — #056

What if I told you that you could implement a scientifically-backed biohacking ritual into your daily life that's proven to protect your DNA from damage, and that only contains two ingredients you may already have in your kitchen? If you think that definitely sounds too good to be true, you'd be wrong — as that's exactly what I'll be sharing with you in this episode.

You've likely heard that olive oil has some incredible health benefits (that is if it's of high quality), and a recent scientific study showed that by mixing it in a tonic with only one other herbal ingredient that I'll share with you in this episode, it has the effect of supercharging your body's DNA defence system, to protect you from serious oxidative stress, damage due to reactive oxygen species, and general disease.

In this episode, you'll learn why phenolic compounds are so important to get into your body, the effects they can have on fighting disease, what one study is saying about the effects of olive oil and enriched extra virgin olive oil on human biology, how the herb thyme reacts with extra virgin olive oil to hypercharge the effects phenols have on our body, how to choose a high phenol oil for yourself, some markers that may assist you in getting more quality phenols from oil into your system, ensuring the quality of herbs, how to prepare this biohacking tonic, and daily dose to achieve the scientifically-backed results mentioned in this study.

This episode should give you an idea of how simple biohacking can be, and how effective the results are that it can provide if you know some simple secrets to making them work for you. And it's a great example of just because something is simple, it doesn't mean it's not effective, or even powerful.







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