June 19, 2019

The Lord Of Light: How You’re Destroying Your Brain With Bad Light Exposure And Circadian Disruption — Andy Mant | #082

Andy Mant is the founder and CEO of Blublox (https://blublox.com/), a company that creates the world's most effective blue and green light blocking eyewear. Originally from the UK, Andy made the move to my sun-soaked home country of Australia around eight years ago, and it was here that he founded Blublox, after testing a ton of blue light blocking glasses that were already on the market, that he found just weren't effective.

Andy is one of the most knowledgeable dudes I've ever spoken to when it comes to the topic of healthy light exposure and how that relates to our circadian health, and if light is still something you don't prioritise when it comes to your own personal daily routine, this episode is likely to get you to change that. And if not, at least it'll hopefully scare you into using your smartphone a little less in the late hours of the day.

In this episode, Andy and I will talk about how light controls your circadian rhythm, why your phone and other devices are screwing with your body clock, the links between blue light exposure and cancer, some info on your sleep hormone melatonin and why it's more than you may have been lead to believe, why athletes are more susceptible to damage from blue light exposure, what phase shifting is and how it effects your energy levels, how to use Blublox in conjunction with beating jetlag, and much more.


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