April 29, 2019

The Light Diet: Solar-Powered Biohacking, Sun Gazing, Mitochondrial Health, Skin Cancer Truths, Junk Light, And Blue Light Damage — Matt Maruca | #049

Matt Maruca is the king of light. Well-known in the biohacking world for his intense and deep knowledge on the topic of how natural light is necessary for optimal human life, and how junk light is a leading contributor to illness and disease, Matt has no shortage of chunks of tasty information that need to be implanted deep into your brain. He embodies this as part of his philosophy of sharing as much as he can about the fundamental reasons why the world at large is suffering from an epidemic of chronic disease, with people being at a higher risk than ever before in human history for developing conditions like anxiety, depression, heart disease, obesity, autoimmunity, and cancer.

Apart from his phenomenal insights on the topic of light Matt is also the founder of Ra Optics (https://raoptics.com/), a company that produces what are in my opinion are the gold standard for blue light blocking glasses. You may have heard me talk about Ra Optics in past episodes of the podcast, due to their function of blocking damaging wavelengths of blue and green light from your eyes, which is important for maintaining your circadian rhythm, and cellular health.
In this episode, Matt and I discuss the fundamental reasons why natural light is so important for your body to produce energy, what can happen if you're not getting enough of it in your life, the damaging effects of artificial blue light, the links between skin cancer and junk light, what sun gazing is and how to benefit from its effects on your overall health, some simple yet effective tactics to biohack your light intake, and so much more.
This could be one of the most important episodes I've shared on the podcast to date, due to how crucial it is for us modern humans to eliminate artificial junk light from our environment, and increase the amount of good, natural sunlight we're getting on our skin, and in our eyes. Also keep an eye out for Matt's upcoming book called The Light Diet, due out sometime later this year.
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