May 17, 2019

The Holy Grail Of Life On Earth: Biohacking Your DNA, Hereditary Disease Risk, And Gene Manipulation — Dr Kári Stefánsson | #062

Dr Kári Stefánsson is one of the world's most famous and outspoken geneticists. A native of Iceland — a country I call home most of the year — Dr Stefánsson is the founder and CEO of Iceland's deCODE Genetics (, a company that's conducted some of the world's most groundbreaking research into the topic of human genetics, and what makes us tick on the DNA level.

Although you may not have heard of him, Dr Stefánsson is something of a celebrity in Iceland, due to the extensive research he's done on studying the genetics of the Icelandic population, as well as recording and collating genealogical data of Icelandic people and their descendents. It's not well known, but Iceland has some of the best recorded written ancestry data in the world, with many Icelandic citizens able to trace their ancestors all the way back to the settling of the island in the 9th century — over 1,000 years ago.
In this episode, we talk about the field of genetics, how genetic mutations impact our species as a whole, how learning about genetics is advancing modern health science and uncovering potential cures to disease, how your external circumstances can literally change your genes over time, how where in the world you live can have an impact on your genes, and even have consequences on certain genetic mutations you might carry, how the human race may possibly manipulate genes for future generations, and so much more.
Just a warning in advance, this episode is not the typical episode where you're going to learn how to biohack certain aspects of your body or mind. Although there is a lot in this episode to better help you understand your genetics, and how your situation, and external circumstances may impact your health, this is more of an informative episode where you'll hopefully get to understand more about human genetics, and what we're learning about the subject.
Also, I have to tell you all that although this episode is being released as episode number 62 of the Bio Alchemy podcast, this was actually the very first interview I ever recorded, almost six months ago now before I even launched my first episode. And you can tell — my interview style and confidence of speech has definitely improved since then, so you may notice that I'm not as sharp with my words as I am today. So please, be gentle everyone. 



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