April 30, 2019

The Free Biohack More Powerful Than Meditation: How Earthing (Grounding) Enhances Cellular Energy, Fights Disease, And Enhances Wellbeing — #050

When chatting to biohackers, top performers, or any kind of leader in the field of health, wellness, business, sports, or beyond, one thread that seems to link them all is that they almost without fail have a meditation practice. And while meditation has been touted for an incredibly long time for its benefits to the mind, body, and soul, there's one tactic that's fast replacing my meditation practice as the number one thing I absolutely must do each day if I want to be operating at my peak. And that's grounding, or earthing.

In this 50th episode of the Bio Alchemy podcast, I discuss this ridiculously simple biohack that's been a part of my daily practice, and why it's something you should be implementing into your life each and every day without fail, to maintain a level of homeostasis. As I talk about in this short solo episode as well, you'll learn why it's so essential, and why the human race is so strange in our ways of disconnecting ourselves from the planet, when no other species does this.

You'll learn the basic fundamentals of how your body operates as a cellular battery, how we build up a positive static charge throughout our daily life, why this charge needs to be released regularly, what your mitochondria are and why they're essential to your energy production, how simple and effective earthing can be for your health, some of the health issues that can arise from not earthing yourself enough, how earthing can assist with a reduction in cortisol, how to biohack your earthing practice to get more benefit from the time you're spending on it, and so much more.

Thank all of you also for your incredible support on the podcast so far over the last few months, and helping Bio Alchemy to get to 50 episodes. I wouldn't still be here doing this if you all weren't finding value in it, and I look forward to celebrating the next 50, 500, and beyond.


EARTHING SCIENCE: https://bit.ly/2q9XSuN 

MITOCHONDRIA INFO: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/mitochondrion 



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