June 4, 2019

The Ethics Of Meat: Animal Products In A Biohacking Diet, Health Concerns, And Why Veganism Doesn’t Equal Innocence — #074

Meat: should we eat it? I do eat meat. And while I'm lucky enough to be in the position to afford the absolute best quality animal products from creatures that have lived natural, healthy, stress-free lives, that doesn't mean I haven't questioned my desires to take myself out of the chain of death, regardless of how long killing animals has been a part of human existence. I've been asked  the question many times about my consumption of meat for both ethical and health reasons, but it's the ethics part that's playing the biggest role in this episode.

In advance, this episode of the podcast isn't like any other that's come before, as it's not necessarily only about biohacking your health when it comes to food. And while diet obviously plays a big part in human health, the simple fact is that this is also getting muddied by the fact that there are now ethical concerns when it comes to the consumption of eating animals. And not only just killing animals for food that have lived natural lives, but the fact that many people believe killing in any regard is unethical, and shouldn't be a part of humanity's food system at all.

Regardless of what dietary observation you hold, chances are you're likely not going to agree with something I say in this episode. A part of that may be because I think we're all guilty of death and destruction to a certain degree (and yes, that means you too vegans), but also maybe because I raise some points in this episode that may be confronting to you. Or maybe, it's just because you think I have my facts wrong. All of these reasons are fine, and we don't have to agree. I may very well be wrong, as I don't profess to have all the answers.

But in saying that, I thought it was time for me to bring this issue up, based on my current beliefs, understanding, as well as my desire to let it be known that whatever you observe when it comes to the way you eat, in the end it's your choice. However, it's also important to let it be known that ethics also don't always coincide with what's best for your health, which isn't always the easiest pill to swallow.



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