June 27, 2019

The Chaos Molecule: Why Deuterium Is Making You Sick, And How To Biohack It Out Of Your Body Via Depletion — Dr Que Collins | #085

Dr Que Collins is the principal scientist for deuterium depletion therapies at the centre for deuterium depletion, and someone I've been very keen on chatting to for a long time. Today we're chatting about the topic of deuterium -- which is something that's in your body, in the food you're eating, the water you're drinking, and in fact, all around us in the environment. And what's scary as you'll learn in this podcast, deuterium is likely responsible for almost every disease you can imagine that's plaguing today's society.

You've probably never heard about deuterium, though as you'll learn in today's episode, it's likely the root cause of why you don't have enough energy, why you're aging faster than you should, and why you may be at a much higher risk of getting disease than ever before. And you'll also learn how to mitigate it, via the power of biohacking.

In this episode, you'll be enlightened about what deuterium is exactly, the negative effects it can have on the human body, how excess deuterium causes your body to produce less energy through mitrochondrial disfunction, why it leads to early ageing, how to avoid excess deuterium in your food and water, the best ways to rid your body of deuterium, and much more.

Dr Collins has also invited listeners of the Bio Alchemy podcast to take part in a deuterium study, which you can do via the link below. 


STUDY: https://www.ddcenters.com/bio-alchemy-study/

DD CENTERS: https://ddcenters.com/ 




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