March 30, 2020

SPECIAL BROADCAST: The World Isn’t Ending, And Here’s What I’m Doing To Use This Time For Good — #092

This is not a standard episode of the podcast.

I'm going back to regular publishing, though I didn't want my first episode back to be just more of the same, considering what the world is going through right now with all this Coronavirus stuff.

Over the last few weeks, I've been trying my best not to let it all get to me, rule my life, or throw me down a pit of despair, which I know many people have been struggling with. Because of that, I wanted to share some of my honest insights (with some big disclaimers) as to what I'm learning, how I'm personally dealing with all of this, and some of my thoughts on what you may or may not learn from me.

But as I say in this episode, this is all coming from my perception, my point of view, and through my lens of looking at the world based on how I've personally been programmed.

I hope you learn something from this episode, or some of it resonates with you. As of tomorrow, back to your regularly scheduled biohacking and spirituality programming.



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