April 21, 2020

Simplifying Autophagy: Your Body’s Toxic Waste Disposal System And (Possibly) Ultimate Biohacking Tool For Longevity — #097

Your body is a miraculous machine, capable of self-healing, removing toxicity, and taking care of itself to a level we all have trouble comprehending at times. And when it comes to detoxification, and removing damaged material from our bodies, there's likely no process more important than autophagy.

Taken from the Ancient Greek word "autóphagos" which means self-devouring, autophagy is your body's means of removing the junk we all carry around that leads to disease, illness, and a shortening of our lifespan.

Despite what some health gurus and detox-tea-peddling companies would have you believe, your body is always detoxifying itself. Autophagy is always happening. However, unfortunately due to our modern habits of carbohydrate-rich diets and eating to excess, we aren't letting it take place as often as we need it to. And unfortunately, as we live in a world that's becoming more toxic through radiation, polluted air, water, and food, we need autophagy more than ever.

The good news is that autophagy is free, and it's something you can increase as a process your body undertakes more frequently, and at a deeper level. And fortunately for you, I'm going to touch on it in this episode.

As one of the most common questions I get from people on social media is about fasting and why it's good for us, I wanted to create this introduction into autophagy, and why it's the main reason we should be fasting more. However, for you die-hard biohacking aficionados, this episode likely won't be anything new to you - this is very introductory information.

In any case, resources and information can be found below.


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