June 12, 2019

Shocking Science: Tickling Your Brain With Electrical Impulses Could Make You Learn 50% Faster — Dr Daniel Chao | #079

Dr Daniel Chao is a neurotechonology entrepreneur, specialising in wearable devices that can improve the performance of the human brain. Most notable known for founding the company Halo Neuroscience (https://www.haloneuro.com/), a company that produces the Halo Sport, a biohacking device that works by applying a small electric current to the area of he brain that controls movement–putting it into a state of hyperlearning.

The neurostimulation that Halo employs leads the brain to become plastic, which makes it much easier for us to learn how to do new things. This state of neuroplasticity is something I spoke about in a previous episode in depth during my interview with Victor Mifsud the Blind Biohacker, and something Dr Chao will shed much more light on in this episode. But in short, this technology has some incredibly promising applications not just for human performance, but also for healing and rewiring the brain, as well as other parts of the body and nervous system.

In this episode, we talk about what neuroplasticity is and how it can be beneficial for the brain, what the Halo device is and how it can supercharge learning, how your brain actually learns a new skill and why you should learn in the morning, how Halo helps you learn skills up to 50% faster, why it's being used by the military, surgeons, and pilots to improve work performance, how safe getting electrical stimulation of the brain using Halo us, how you can protect your brain from ageing and disease, and much more.

If you like what you hear in this episode and want to get your own Halo to upgrade your learning abilities, Dr Chao has provided a discount code for listeners of this podcast to get the best price possible on the device. When you use the code "BIOALCHEMY" at checkout on the Halo Neuro website, you'll save yourself some money on this epic brain-hacking device.


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