June 26, 2019

REBROADCAST: Superfood Hunting, Salt Myths, And Compound Synergy: Biohacking With The World’s Most Exotic And Powerful Plant Compounds

Another rebroadcast episode, though programming will continue as normal tomorrow! Thanks for all your patience and support.

A legend in the world of superfoods, Darin Olien is known by the moniker "The Superfood Hunter" due to his extensive, phenomenal, and world-changing work in the world of superfoods, and powerful plant compounds. One of the interviews I've been most excited about since starting my journey talking about biohacking on this podcast, Darin's interview is essential for anyone wanting to learn more about superfoods, and cut through the crap when it comes to what is and isn't legit in this extremely hyped up world of healing plants and nutrient-rich foods.

The author of Superlife (https://amzn.to/2F2qA6c), Darin is no stranger to knowing all about what makes the human body tick, and how to effectively change your dietary environment to perform at a level you never thought possible. But it's not all about technological devices and space-age biohacks for Darin, he's all about taking things back to nature, and giving out bodies what they need to survive in a way that mimics our ancestral health.

We talk about superfoods in detail in this episode, including some of the plants Darin has helped bring to the West, though you should pay special attention to when Darin talks about salt — specifically Himalayan pink mineral salt — and how you should be getting more of this into your system, and why it's so important.

I highly recommend you learn more about Darin as he's an interesting character to say the least, and you can connect with him via the links below, and digest more of what he's all about.


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