May 7, 2019

Pine Pollen: The Biohacker’s Anti-Aging Secret For Increased Longevity, Enhancing Endurance, Mood, Hormone Production, Testosterone, And Sex Drive — #054

Pine pollen has been a part of my biohacker's toolkit for years, and is an extremely powerful compound when it comes to biohacking a ton of aspects of human biology. From longevity, to protecting cells, increasing mood, maintaining hormone balance, and even making your sex life better, there's almost nothing this herbal remedy seems to not be useful for. And although it's most commonly used by men, women can see some incredible benefits by integrating pine pollen into their routine as well.

Containing hundreds of micronutrients and minerals, a ton of amino acids, being almost a third by weight in protein, and being absolutely packed with androgens, pine pollen truly is a superfood in every sense of the word. And because of that, it counts as being one of my absolute must-have ingredients for helping with many aspects of my life, especially things like testosterone production, and whole-body performance. And while pine pollen has been used for over a thousand years as tonic herb, modern science has begun to unravel exactly what it's doing to our body, and the many ways it could be beneficial.

In this episode, I discuss some of what we know about pine pollen as an anti-aging compound, how it protects our cells from damage, how it extends the life of certain cells in the human body by delaying the onset of senescence, the kinds of testosterone-boosting effects it has on men, some myths about testosterone and why women need it as well, the recommended dosage of pine pollen in men and women, where to get it and why organic isn't necessary when purchasing pine pollen, things to look for when buying pine pollen including whether the product has cracked cell walls, and so much more.

As I mention in this episode I don't actually buy pine pollen from retail sources, as I prefer to import it myself direct from those that harvest it, I have listed some trusted sources of pine pollen below if you choose to buy it yourself. The only reason I don't recommend the direct importation route that I use myself is simply because of the extreme cost due to bulk buying, and the time investment needed to go through the process.





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