June 21, 2019

Peanuts In Your Supplements: Avoid Getting Screwed With The World’s Most Transparent Nootropics Company — Roy Krebs | #083

Roy Krebs is the co-founder of Natural Stacks (https://www.naturalstacks.com/), a producer of what are in my opinion, some of the worlds most effective nootropic products. And in case you aren't aware, or haven't listened to previous episodes of the podcast, nootropics is just a fancy term for compounds that can help you perform better cognitively, that some people more commonly refer to as smart drugs. I don't care what you call them, they just help give your brain more thinking juice.

Now despite the fact I do interview people on this podcast in relation to companies or products they're associated with, I always try my best to ensure episodes don't sound like infomercials. For me, the knowledge people like Roy have to offer to you — my listeners — is vastly more important than just someone pitching a product. However in this case, I did fanboy a little on the combination of a couple of products of Natural Stacks I've used in the past in this episode, but I want you to all know that this is just my honest opinion. And again, not to sound like a dickhead in an infomercial, but I really do believe in what Natural Stacks does, as well as the effectiveness of the products they produce.

In this episode, we discuss some of the shadier practices of some companies in the supplement industry, including how some supplement companies are literally putting peanuts in their products, how Natural Stacks tests all their products for quality, how smart drugs induce the novelty effect to help you focus, what Natural Stacks product combination I'm totally fanboying on at the moment, how neurotransmitters control how you feel, upcoming research on brain performance, and much more.

If you'd also like to try any of Natural Stacks products, there is a discount link below to claim 20% off your first purchase. I especially recommend you check out the combination of CILTEP and dopamine brain food, which is the tasty brain boosting combo I've been using of late.


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