May 20, 2019

Nature’s Own Xanax: Using Next-Level Nootropics And Herbal Compounds To Biohack Brain Health, Mood, And Cognition — David Tomen | #063

David Tomen is the founder of Nootropics Expert ( and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to smart drugs, neurotransmitters, and brain health. David's journey into the world of nootropics started when he was diagnosed with adult ADD. After years of buying self-help books, and even suffering depression over his inability to focus, ritalin helped turn his life and career around. But a few short years later, a trip to the ER saw David being tested by neurologists for early-onset Alzheimer's (which fortunately came back negative), though he went on to suffer from chronic fatigue, memory loss, and his business and personal life began to suffer severely. This caused David to dive deep into the world of nootropics, and with a methodically-researched regime of regimen of supplements and lifestyle changes, he had his brain working better than ever before.

David went on to found, and wrote two books on the subject — Secrets Of The Optimised Brain, and Head First — all with the intent on helping other people transform their lives via understanding their brain better. Through his YouTube channel, website, and books, David presents this cutting-edge research in an easy to digest way, without all the technical jargon that can sometimes get in the way of a broader level of understanding.

In this episode, we discuss how nootropics can be used in your daily life, what neurotransmitters are and how they could be resulting in you not feeling yourself, some of the most powerful herbal compounds for improving your brain and mood, how to protect yourself from cognitive decline later in life, lithium and its effects on mood, and whether ADHD is a bullshit diagnosis that can be more easily treated by taking better care of the brain.

Just in advance of this episode, we do talk about some compounds that may assist in taking the place of things like ADHD medication, as well as anti-depressants, however it's important to note that you should always talk to your doctor before replacing any prescription medication with a supplement or natural product. These should not take the place of anything that you're prescribed, unless your doctor recommends you do so.








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