May 30, 2019

Mind Over Matter: Unlocking The Power Of The Mind-Body Connection And How To Naturally Biohack Stress — Kayla Osterhoff | #071

Kayla Osterhoff is a functional health and wellness coach, and host of the Bio Curious podcast. Formally educated and trained in the health sciences, with degrees in health ecology, public health, and a doctoral candidate for a PhD in mind body medicine, there's no doubt Kayla holds a wealth of information in this field.

Kayla's obsession to be the strongest, fastest, smartest, and best at everything she does, lead her to spend years researching biology, testing ways to optimise human performance and building expertise and a unique skill set in biohacking, nutrition, mental health, and fitness. Drawing from formal education, health practice, tons of research, and personal trial and error, Kayla developed a set of tools and best practices to optimise and upgrade her life, which she spends her life sharing with others.

In this episode, we discuss the mind body connection, why science is showing that health really is mind over matter, the difference between the mind and the brain, what a limited mind is and how to overcome it, how trauma and life experience program your subconscious, how imbalances in the mind can affect your heart and nervous system, why we're always in fight-or-flight mode even though our species is no longer being chased by predators in nature, how gratitude can help with the mind-body connection, how to biohack your health with breath, and so much more.

You can find out more about Kayla and how she works with people on optimising their health, as well as info on her podcast, by checking out her website, and social media links below.



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