April 10, 2019

How To Meditate Like A Monk Within Minutes: Using Neural Feedback And EEG To Biohack Your Mindfulness Practice — Ariel Garten | #037

Ariel Garten is the founder of Muse Meditation (http://choosemuse.com/), the brain sensing headband that allows you to practice meditation in a way you may never have before. And unlike software like binaural beats that force you into meditation, Muse is more of a training tool, to allow you to become more skilled at biohacking your meditation practice on your own.

Using an EEG monitor, the Muse device tracks your brainwaves as you meditate,  giving you feedback on how well you’re doing by providing music in the background. This type of feedback enables you to not only assist you in becoming more zen-like each time you meditate, but also provides you with a ton of data after the fact, to help you understand what is actually happening when you do meditate.

This interview with Ariel is one of my favourite to date, and is one I’ve been excited to share with you since it was recorded around a month ago.



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