June 28, 2019

Majestic Mushrooms: Biohacking Mind And Body With The Power Of Ancient Medicinal Extracts — Skye Chilton | #086

Skye Chilton is the founder of Real Mushrooms (https://realmushrooms.com/), and a true master of the medicinal side of these incredible organisms.

Skye's father Jeff was the very first guest of the Bio Alchemy podcast way back in February of this year — which isn't that far back when you consider we're now almost 100 episodes in — and Skye expands upon a lot of what Jeff spoke about in that episode, as well as going into detail on new mushroom-related topics.

In this episode, we talk about what percentage of medicinal mushroom products in the West are low quality myceliated grain, why Made In China is a symbol of quality when it comes to most medicinal mushrooms, how mushroom extracts differ in strength and potency, general advice on medicinal mushroom dosage, some of the benefits of Lion's Mane on cognition, why cordyceps is so important to get into your body, using medicinal mushrooms in cooking, and much more.

I've spoken about Real Mushrooms products on the podcast before multiple times, as in my opinion they're the most trusted source in the world for the highest quality medicinal mushroom products, and I highly recommend you check some out for yourself. As always, links to their website where you can get some will be in the shownotes -- and if you only try one type I recommend Lion's Mane, which is something I put in my morning coffee (approximately 1 gram) before blending it, for an incredible nootropic and focus effect on the brain. Definitely something for all of you who find it a struggle to keep your mind on single tasks.

I hope you enjoy this mushroom-fuelled discussion with Skye Chilton of Real Mushrooms, and learn how to use fungi in your daily biohacking practice.


REAL MUSHROOMS: https://realmushrooms.com/ 



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