May 28, 2019

Magnificent Magnesium: The Essential Mineral You’re Likely Lacking, And How To Upgrade Your Intake Via Biohacking — #069

Magnesium is probably not something you think about as a biohacking tool. And you may just see it as a boring mineral, not like some of the super cutting-edge biohacking stuff I've talked about previously on this podcast, or ancient herbal compounds that have scientifically-backed benefits to biohack your biology. Well, prepare to have your mind changed. At least, I hope.

This stuff is incredibly important, however most of us don't have enough. More than half of all people in the USA are deficient, around 50% of Europeans don’t get enough, and around 40% of people in my home country of Australia don’t have adequate amounts coming in to their bodies from diet either. Basically, if you’re a human who lives in the West, there’s about a 50/50 chance that you are not getting enough of this essential mineral for human health – and it’s likely not better anywhere else in the world. And as magnesium is essential for several hundred processes in the human body, there's no doubt you should be getting enough.

In this episode, I talk about the different types of magnesium supplements, some of their effects on the human body, why magnesium is essential for mood and general wellbeing, how to avoid a disaster in your pants when you start taking magnesium, some of the most essential sources of natural magnesium in foods, why it's one of the only actual supplements I take on a daily basis, how magnesium is essential for good sleep, and much more.

As mentioned in the episode, some more information on good sources of magnesium in food, as well as products I use, can be found below.








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