April 5, 2019

Killing Infection With Essential Oils: Plant Terpenes, Herbal Science, Synergy, Natural Compound Biohacks, And Boosting Your Immune System — Dr Nick Berry | #034

Dr Nick Berry is the founder of Essential Oil Wizardry (https://bit.ly/2OTjMwb) and one of the most genuine, kind, and warm human beings I've had the pleasure of interviewing on the Bio Alchemy podcast to date. He's someone who truly cares not only about his products and methodologies, but the wellbeing of those he is assisting in improving their lives via the power of natural herbs and essential oils. As a Master Herbalist myself, Dr Nick is someone I've been looking forward to interviewing for quite some time, so this was a treat for me, and I'm sure it will be for you as well.

Dr Nick is a doctor of pharmacy, though someone who has transitioned from the world of pharmaceutical medication, into the world of herbs, powerful plant compounds, natural medicine, and supporting the body's own natural healing with what our planet produces for us in nature. Dr Nick is the perfect embodiment of someone who takes the best from the scientific and ancestral medicine worlds, and if you know anything about me, this is my preferred way of seeking those things that enable us to live longer, stronger, and healthier lives.

In this episode we discuss plant terpenes and why these compounds are so powerful, an incredible story of how Dr Nick fended off a respiratory infection by mega dosing a specific essential oil, the essential oils I tend to use most frequently in my own life, how you can open up your respiratory system by using herbal oils, the synergy of plant compounds and how they can be used to increase the power of others, how distillation can change how certain herbs work, and so much more.

All links to Dr Nick and Essential Oil Wizardry are below, and I especially encourage you to check out Dr Nick's oils, as they're seriously powerful compounds, and a far cry from the low-quality stuff you'll see peddled online by MLM companies. 


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