April 15, 2019

Is Wine Healthy, Or Marketing Bullsh*t? Toxicity, Resveratrol Myths, Genetic Modification, Additives, And Biohacker Friendly Alternatives — Todd White | #040

Todd White is a biohacker, forward thinker, and one of the owners of Dry Farm Wines (http://dryfarmwines.com), which is the ultimate biohacker's wine, because of it's completely natural composition, without the dozens of nasty additions that most commercially-available wine contains. Wine is full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and a ton of other beneficial compounds, and many say it should be enjoyed as part of a healthy life in moderation.

But how healthy is wine, really? For years we've been told that one glass of wine a day is healthy, and that it can lead to longer life, less disease, and many other factors. And even anecdotally, my 96 year-old grandmother is as healthy as can be, and swears by at least one glass of red wine every day. However, it's very possible that what we've been told since the beginning of food marketing is not just slightly inaccurate, but downright misleading, as in the modern world, most wine contains many things you don't want to be putting into your body.

In this episode, Todd discusses the toxicity of wine, how alcohol is considered a neurotoxin, the "Domino Effect" when it comes to drinking wine, his "Profits Will Follow Peace" motto that drives Dry Farm Wines, how genetically-modified products are making themselves into most commercial wines, what distinguishes a natural wine from one that's not, meditation, glyphosate, resveratrol, and how to integrate a successful morning practice not just into an individual routine, but one of an entire company.

If you're a wine drinker, regardless of how frequent or occasional, this is definitely the episode for you.


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