January 7, 2020

I Stopped Speaking For 7 Days: Biohacking Consciousness And Relationships During A Vow Of Silence — #087

Taking a vow of silence is something that monks and religious figures usually are seen doing, though I decided to take on the challenge by not speaking for 7 days. This isn't something I've ever seen a biohacker do or speak about, which made me all the more excited to take up the challenge, and share it with all of you.

I was first introduced to the concept of not speaking for long periods of time via my partner Sorelle, who has to date completed two Vipassana silent 10-day meditations. I haven't as yet taken the plunge, though the idea of not speaking for a prolonged period of time had always interested me. Doing Vipassana is definitely in my future, and hopefully something I put into my calendar for the year 2020.

Recently in Los Angeles, my friend Sunny gave me some insight into his own Vipassana experience, and I was inspired by him to see what would come out of my own journey of not speaking for a while. So within days, I'd shut my mouth, and decided to keep it closed for an entire week.

Although I can't scientifically quantify any data points or quantifiable benefits, I am sharing in this episode some insights into what I learned during my interactions with humans as I took this biohacker's vow of silence, how it's changed me since, and lessons I've taken into my own life.

Do I recommend you take your own vow of silence? Well, not necessarily, as you'll learn in this episode.



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