May 1, 2019

Eating Brain-Boosting Pills Like Pac-Man: Herbal Smart Drugs, Microdosing, Mushroom Intelligence, And Nootropics As Mental Fuel — Sean McCormick | #051

Sean McCormick is one of the most knowledgeable humans I've ever met when it comes to the topic of nootropics, or smart drugs as they're sometimes more commonly known. And as the host of Natural Stacks' Optimal Performance Podcast, it's something you'd definitely expect, as it's Sean's job and passion to dive deep into these topics on a daily basis. The OPP is one of the longest-running biohacking podcasts on the internet, and is one of my go-to podcasts that I use to upgrade my own knowledge on the world of biohacking and beyond. And it's for this reason I'm incredibly thankful to have Sean on the podcast, sharing his wealth of experience on nootropics, and biohacking cognitive performance.

Sean is also a performance coach, who helps clients from around the world up-level in mind, body, spirit and purpose. He's founded floatation therapy centers, coached Hollywood actors, CEOs and professional athletes, but likes to be known for his work in bringing esoteric wisdom into the current day to deepen purpose and elevate consciousness. If Sean's coaching is something you're keen on trying for yourself, he offers a free intro performance-coaching session through his website, which you can find below.

In this episode, Sean and I discuss a multitude of epic topics, including what the Braverman test is and why you may consider it before going down the path of trying nootropics, some of Sean's examples of what nootropics could possibly do for you, some of the smart drugs Sean has liked as well as those that didn't seem to work for him, microdosing and the intelligence of magic mushrooms, why having complete transparency on the nootropics you're buying is critical to understand what's going into your body, and so much more.

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