April 3, 2019

Activating Your Inner Healing System With Breath: Biohacking With Holotropic Breathwork To Conquer Mental And Emotional Illness — Dr James Eyerman | #032

Dr James Eyerman is a pharmacologist and psychotherapist who has decades of treating people's issues of the mind, though he's especially well known as one of the world's foremost experts on holotropic breathwork. A phenomenal modality of treatment that uses nothing more than the changing of the way we breathe to activate our body's own innate healing system, it's something I've been fascinated by for years, and have been very excited to finally share this episode with the world.

Just imagine if there was an all-natural, drug or medicine free, non-invasive, and virtually free method of healing your body and mind of trauma, mental, emotional, and other imbalances and illnesses, that worked in virtually every case to provide relief, and in some cases, a complete cure? That's just a taste of what holotropic breathwork can do, and is rightfully gaining steam in the health, wellness, and biohacking communities for the existing and potential healing benefits that it can offer our species.

Holotropic breathwork isn't some small-batch or experimental treatment that's only being practiced on the fringes, it's being practiced by hundreds of professionals around the world, and is seeing phenomenal results in hundreds of thousands of patients in a clinical setting — in Dr Eyerman's case, he's personally treated over 11,000 people with this modality alone.

For me, holotropic breathwork is an absolutely must-learn-about treatment, as it is completely natural, and doesn't rely on pumping your body and mind full of pharmaceutical drugs, and doesn't require long treatments. In fact, as Dr Eyerman will explain in this episode, he's treated people who have suffered with long-term conditions they've had for over twenty years, that they for the first time experienced relief on when they underwent a holotropic breathwork treatment.


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