September 10, 2020

Health Lies And Raw Eggs: A Biohacker’s View On How Vague Statistics Make Us Live In Fear — #101

Have you ever heard about how you shouldn’t eat raw eggs as they may contain salmonella? Well, that whole health myth may not be as scary as you might think.

As a biohacker, I’m always critical when I hear old wive’s tales, or seemingly hearsay about health. I mean, questioning this stuff is one of the fundamental basics of what I do here when creating episodes for Bio Alchemy: The Spiritual Biohacking Podcast.

Recently, I posted on Instagram a recipe for a protein smoothie, that I drink most days. Although some of the particulars of the biohack ingredients I put in it change, one thing is almost constant: that I put a raw egg in my smoothie.

This prompted a response from one of my followers as to whether I was scared of contracting or dying of salmonella, because of the risk of the bacteria in a raw egg. And although I knew the risk was extremely low, I decided to track down exactly how low, by digging up the statistics of exactly how risky it was.

This episode will show you how risky (or not risky) it actually is to eat a raw egg when it comes to salmonella. And the hint is, you’d have to eat raw eggs for a VERY long time, in order to guarantee your death from one.

But more importantly, this is another episode that focuses on the fact that you shouldn’t always believe what you hear. Or in fact, you shouldn’t be scared of what you hear, just because you’ve heard it a ton of times.

So raw eggs: will I continue to put them in my smoothies as a way to biohack my health? Yeah, probably.



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