June 14, 2019

Forget Your Mantra: How To Simplify Meditation And Biohack Your Mindfulness With Vedic Wisdom — James Brown | #080

James Brown is a proponent of vedic meditation, and the founder of Vedic Path Meditation (https://vedicpathmeditation.com), who teaches people from all walks of life the art of this ancient practice. Over the last ten years, James has taught thousands of people how to meditate more effectively around his home city of San Francisco, at conferences around the world, and to employees of some of the world's biggest companies including Salesforce, BitTorrent, and many others. 

A student of vedic master Maharishi Vyasananda, James studied this form of medidation for years before sharing it with the world, including an intensive practice in India, high in the Himalayan mountains. And if you've ever been the kind of person to this that meditation is lumped into the "too hard" basket, or that it's always been a chore for you, chances are that James is the man who can turn that viewpoint around.

In this episode, James enlightens us about what vedic meditation is and the how its process works, what a mantra is and how it applies to vedic meditation, how meditation can install the state of flow into your life, how most of us are human doings, when we should be human beings, some tactics that may help you stick to a meditation practice, why binaural beats can be an effective meditation for some, though why they're not the only answer, how to combine certain other practices with meditation, and so much more.

You can learn more about James by checking out his websites below.


VEDIC PATH MEDITATION: https://vedicpathmeditation.com/ 

FLOW MEDITATION: https://www.flowmeditation.cc/ 



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