June 10, 2019

Britain’s Biohacking King: Weird Biohacks, And How You May Have Mercury Poisoning Without Even Knowing It — Tim Gray | #078

Tim Gray is a biohacker, avid self-experimenter, and founder of the Health Optimisation Summit, as well as one of the most well-known biohackers that inhabits this ball of rock hurtling through the cosmos we all call home. Tim has spent years testing, evaluating, and measuring thousands of biohacking techniques to improve health, cognition, and overall wellness, and now spends a great deal of his life sharing that information with the world.

Tim's journey into biohacking started from a range of health problems that he decided to take into his own hands and overcome, when a lot of traditional healing avenues seemed to not offer him much help. Many of these issues Tim believes stemmed from mercury poisoning, which is something he will go into some detail into this episode. And after having also discovered the powerful benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Tim opened up his own clinic in London where people can bring the benefits of this technology into their own lives. And if you've never heard of how this technology can aid in overall health and recovery, prepare to have your eyes opened.

In this episode, we talk about how Tim defines biohacking, how mercury poisoning lead him to take control of his own health, how you may be contaminated by mercury and other heavy metals from things like fillings in your teeth as well as fish, why farmed fish is so damaging to human health, how you could potentially have mercury poisoning even if your parents had fillings that contained this metal, what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is and the results Tim has had with it over the years, the most important metrics Tim tracks about his biology and why he no longer tracks as much as he did, some of the weirdest biohacks Tim has subjected himself to, the most important biohacks Tim recommends everyone should focus on, and much more.

As I mentioned, Tim is the founder of the Health Optimisation Summit that's coming up in London this September, so if you can make it or are in the area, I suggest you check it out. There will be some of the biggest biohackers in the world speaking including the father of biohacking Dave Asprey, as well as many others including a personal favourite of mine and previous podcast guest Bob Troia (otherwise known as Quantified Bob), so you should come along if you're able. I'm almost also certain to make it as long as my schedule permits, and I'd love to see some of your faces there if you can make it as well. Full details and tickets can be found at summit.healthoptimisation.com, I hope to see you there.


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