September 11, 2020

Bloody Brilliant Beet Juice: The Nitric Oxide Boosting Biohacking Tool For Brain Health, Sex, And Athletic Performance — #102

We’ve all heard about juicing for health. But let’s face it, most of the time the health claims around juicing are more often than not seriously inflated.

But not in the case of the biohacking juice that I’m talking about in today’s episode. The topic of which, is beetroot juice.

I’ve been taking a shot or two of beet juice almost every day for a while now, and sometimes as a pre-workout. It’s all down to the way that beet juice has been shown to scientifically boost our body’s production of nitric oxide, which can massively help our brain, muscles, and lungs perform.

For me, it’s usually taken in the morning. The biggest parts of my routine in a day as a biohacker are the things I do in the morning, and beet juice fits in here as a way of getting my brain firing as best it can.

But, on today’s episode of Bio Alchemy: The Spiritual Biohacking Podcast, I’m also covering how it may help with our sexual performance. And although boners are one thing it can help guys with, the ladies among us aren’t being left out either.

I will admit that some of the information discussed in this episode is purely anecdotal, but at this point there’s so much evidence around beet juice as a biohacking tool, that it’s hard to ignore. But in saying that, there’s also a lot in the way of beet juice that’s backed by science, which I’ll talk about also.



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