April 11, 2019

Can You Biohack With Chocolate? Sexual Upgrades, Cacao As A Nootropic, Understanding Anandamide, Theobromine Content, And Mood Boosting Effects — #038

Chocolate, seriously? Yes, seriously. To many of you listening, this episode will be a dream come true, as I'm discussing the health benefits, chemistry, nootropic effects, and so much more related to that product almost all of us love, in the form of sweet, nourishing chocolate. But before you get too excited, I'm definitely not speaking about inhaling multiple blocks of sugary dairy-milk crap in a day, it's all about the cacao bean, cocoa, and stuff so dark that it would make the Galactic Empire from Star Wars blush.

Chocolate has been used for thousands of years by ancient cultures as a tool for healing, as well as something modern humans have eaten in large quantities when we've felt sad or bummed, though it hasn't been until recently that we've known scientifically why it's beneficial. And as you'll learn about in this episode, the benefits of chocolate are far from wishful thinking, as there's an incredible amount of science pointing to the fact that it can help us heal, boost brain health, assist our circulation, and so much more.

In today's solo episode, I'm going to talk about why chocolate may help ward off diabetes, how it can potentially stave off brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, what anandamide is in chocolate and how it's been getting people "high" for millennia, why theobromine in chocolate is both good and bad, how to use chocolate as a nootropic, elevating your mood using chocolate, why you need the magnesium in cacao, how it may aid in sexual performance, and so much more.

There are a ton of resources for you to consume (pun intended) related to this episode which you'll find below, and I'm sure you'll want to digest them (again, pun completely intended) in much more detail. If you're a biohacker, or just a chocolate fiend, this is likely going to be the sweetest podcast episode you've ever heard.


YOUR BRAIN ON CHOCOLATE: https://bit.ly/2intIkP 

CHOCOLATE AND VIAGRA: https://bit.ly/2G87EU3 


CHOCOLATE AND MOOD: https://bit.ly/2Z83698 



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