April 7, 2020

Biohacking Boredom: Embracing Your Mind’s Hidden Power To Enhance Creativity, Mood, And Mental Health — #096

Right now, most of are struggling with something we've all come into contact with before, that seems to be on a new level: boredom.

Due to the global lockdowns that are currently in place, many of us are quarantined at home, not going to our jobs, not hanging out with friends, going out in public, or even seeing family. And that's given us a seriously increased awareness of how bored it's possible to be, when we're not able to do the things that normally fill up our time.

However, could being bored be a good thing? Well according to modern research, it's a definite plus for the health of our mind.

Being bored is something that we humans always allowed ourselves to do, though due to modern society stimulating our senses almost without end, many of us have little idea what it's like to be truly bored. But when we're able to harness this state, it's clear that our mind receives an almost automatic biohacking boost.

The two main areas it seems where we see benefit from being bored are in terms of creativity, as well as mental health, both of which I'll go into in this episode.

Unfortunately though, being bored isn't as easy as you may have thought. According to Sandi Mann, the researcher whose research I'll be referring to in this episode, there is a right way and a wrong way to be bored, if you really want to biohack your headspace with this tactic.

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