May 6, 2019

Banishing Fat Phobia: Destroying Nutrition Myths, Biohacking Mineral Intake, Vitamin Degradation, And Macronutrient Info — Connor Young | #053

Connor Young is the founder and CEO of Ample Foods ( Ample Foods is a complete meal replacement product, that caters for those of normal, vegan, and ketogenic dietary observations, with an extremely high-quality product designed to either supplement your current calorie intake, or even replace certain meals altogether. Unlike many other similar products that have come before it, Ample is stands out due to their use of extremely high-quality, expensive, and nourishing ingredients. I'm normally not a fan of meal replacement products like Soylent or others due to the high levels of processed or low-quality ingredients, though Ample is definitely doing things differently in using naturally-sourced and organic ingredients.

This is an interesting episode for those interested in human nutrition, as due to Connor's journey in creating Ample Foods, the company has done extensive research on not only what the human body needs, but delivering it in a way that the absolute maximum amount of nutrient content can be used by your body.

In this episode, Connor and I discuss some of the most important nutritional myths that seem to still be a part of our collective consciousness in society, my fat-phobia in terms of thinking of eating fat as a bad thing needs to end, the role of our three main macronutrients as calories, the potential degradation of nutrients and minerals in the foods you're eating if they have a longer shelf life, and a ton of other juicy and very tasty stuff.Towards the end of the episode, Connor shares some of his most important mental and physical biohacks, including the power of meditation when you decide to learn it properly as a skill, the importance of play to  increase endorphins and reduce stress, as well as the one book that changed his life above all in terms of controlling emotions in being able to let go, which I will link in the show notes, alongside all information mentioned in this episode, Ample Foods website, and so on.

Just in advance, you'll have to excuse me for the lower quality of the recording in today's episode -- I had a microphone problem for two episodes I recorded, this being one of them, though I can assure you that I'll be returning to all the usual high-quality stuff you know me for going forward.






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