April 17, 2019

Ayahuasca: Experiencing Ego Death With Plant Medicine, Peach Air, Rituals, Rebirth, And Biohacking Consciousness With Psychedelics — Cami Petyn | #042

Cami Nicole Petyn — otherwise known as Supreme Banana — is a Youtuber, social media personality, and all-round entertaining human being who has been putting her life, messages, and content on the digital landscape for around four years now. Among also being a published author, vegan advocate, and seeker of philosophy, Cami has an interest in the biohacking mental and spiritual benefits of psychedelic compounds, which is one of the main topic we're discussing today.

Not long ago, Cami experienced ayahuasca for the first time, attending a 4-day retreat in Costa Rica to sit with this plant medicine teacher. Although I haven't personally yet experienced ayahuasca, I was drawn to interview Cami for three reasons: first, I've experienced DMT (similar to ayahuasca, but smoked), I've had a desire to experiment with ayahuasca for quite some time, and I'm always extremely interested in hearing stories of people's first time with these intense psychedelic compounds.

In this episode, we discuss how to escape the cycle of social media controlling your thoughts and emotions, what is life for an influencer and how unglamorous it can actually be sometimes, information on what ayahuasca is like for a first-time users, how Cami dealt with fours straight days of doing ayahuasca in Costa Rica, set and setting, the difference between a great ayahuasca experience and a not-so-great one, what ego death feels like, Cami's description of "Peach Air" and what that means in terms of an ayahuasca trip, how to know you're ready to experience a psychedelic experience like this, and so much more.

One thing that's extremely important to consider when seeking out ayahuasca, is finding a location, setting, and shaman that will correctly guide you through the experience. Cami and other people I know speak extremely highly of Rhythmia, who Cami also mentions in this episode, which I will link to below.

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