May 24, 2019

A Dance With Dragon’s Blood: Biohacking With Ancient Rejuvenating Adaptogens, Deer Antler, And Taoist Tonic Herbalism — Mason Taylor | #067

Mason Taylor is a health educator, tonic herb expert, and the founder of, which is one of the world's most prominent purveyors of potent, wild-crafted medicinal mushrooms & adaptogen herbs, designed to upgrade your body naturally in almost evcery way possible.

An Australian like myself, Mason's extreme love of natural healing products and foraging for his own mushrooms, lead him to create Superfeast in order to share this ancient plant knowledge, and help others living in today's modern world support their immune system, kidney function, sex hormones, and many other aspects of their life using these compounds -- many that have been used traditionally for thousands of years, but now have advanced scientific backing showing their power on the human body.

In this episode we discuss some of the potent ranges of herbal medicine, how tonic herbs can detoxify the body, the healing and immune-supporting properties of several kinds of medicinal mushrooms, details on several unique herbs including He Shou Wu, eucommia bark, and pearl powder, how herbal medicine may aid in extending the lifespan of humans, some natural biohacks for skin health, and right at the end of the episode, what the most potent antioxidant rich plant compound on earth is, and how it can help with wound healing, and to bring out more radiant skin.

We also talk about deer antler, which is a compound taken from the antler of a deer, why it's so powerful, and what it's used for. And as there have been some ethical concerns for the sourcing of deer antler, Mason has asked that I share a video of his visit to the farm where Superfeast source this part of their product link, which I have linked to below.






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