March 31, 2020

7 Day News Detox: Biohack Your Mental Headspace, Peace, And Creativity With Media Isolation Tactics — #093

I've never been a big fan of the news. For the past decade and a half of my life, I've had a practice in place where I don't watch, consume, to take part in the general world news conversation, which has always allowed me to achieve a certain level of additional positive headspace, creativity, and peace.

However, since the whole coronavirus pandemic has started, I haven't been able to escape the news as much as I have previously. And a big part of this came to me as a realisation that despite the fact my news detox worked very effectively in my early 20's, the way we distribute and consume the news now has changed radically in this time. And as my media detox haven't evolved with it, my practice isn't really as effective as it used to me.

As I publish this episode, I'm at the end of a seven day news detox, that I started during this time of global panic (or awakening) to get me kickstarted back into removing more and more news from my life.

The experiment has so far been profound. I'll let you dive into this episode for all the details, but suffice it to say, I didn't think I could clear up so much mental energy and attain such an increased level of mental freedom, just by detoxing myself from the news for a week.

If you're the kind of person who is serious about levelling-up your mental and emotional space through biohacking, this is definitely an episode for you.



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