January 8, 2020

4 Day Workweek: Finland’s 34 Year-Old Prime Minister Wants To Biohack Her Citizen’s Health And Happiness — #088

Have you ever wanted to work less, but still earn the same amount of money? If you’re a human being, chances are you’ve thought that — we all have. Well the good news is, companies and governments are starting to agree. 

Recently, the world media exploded with the news that Finland’s new 34 year-old prime minister Sanna Marin spoke about transitioning the country to a 4 day, 6 hour work week. This ruffled more than a few feathers as it kinds goes against what the common collective wisdom says about how much we need to work in order to be productive members of society and earn a fulltime income, though as you'll hear in this episode, there's a lot of evidence that points to a shorter workweek that'll make us happier, healthier, and more productive human beings.

In this episode, I go into some detail about Marin's plans for Finland's economy and workforce, as well as jumping to the other side of the planet to delve a little into another polarising work culture in Japan, and what that nation has done in terms of testing a shorter workweek for its citizens. You'll also hear about Japan's culture of "karoshi", which is the phenomenon where thousands of people are literally dropping dead at their jobs each year, and why Japanese people are pushed so hard to the point of exhaustion.

I love the content in this episode, as it shows just how far humanity is progressing to understand that us beautiful humans are not designed to live most of our lives in a state of stress and work, and that we're fast transitioning to a new way of living, working, and creating.



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