June 5, 2019

100% Meat Diet: The Record-Breaking Carnivore King On Why Meat Heals, Biohacking Autoimmunity, And Food Quality — Dr Shawn Baker | #075

Dr Shawn Baker is a medical doctor, orthopaedic surgeon, former soldier, athlete, and world-record holder, Dr Baker is known to many online as the carnivore king, as he's one of the world's leading proponents of the carnivore diet. In case you weren't aware, the carnivore diet is exactly as it sounds, where people who hold this dietary observation eat almost exclusively meat, and basically nothing else.

The carnivore diet is gaining a lot of popularity of late, with a ton of people turning to it for a variety of reasons, though where it's seemed to have the most success is as a potential treatment for a host of autoimmune conditions. But it's also generating a lot of discussion online, as well as criticism, from those who don't believe it can be a completely healthy choice.

In this episode, we discuss why Dr Baker turned to the carnivore diet and what were the major benefits he saw from it, what the current research is saying about being 100% carnivore and why many other people are turning to it, some information that suggests red meat can potentially prevent ageing, what some of the potential adverse side-effects could be, the ethics of being a carnivore and what kinds of meats would be preferable, the potential hazards of low-quality commercial-grade meat, the potential dangers of amyloids in industrially-raised meat, why high cholesterol can actually be beneficial in older people, some of Dr Baker's own health and performance routines that have helped him break world records after the age of 50, and much more.

As I mentioned in yesterday's solo episode, I don't necessarily agree with the carnivore diet in many ways for my own health, though that doesn't mean there aren't people like Dr Baker in this episode who are much more informed than I am on the topic, and who have research to back up why it can be effective in many cases, or why it seems to work extremely well for many people. I do personally eat meat, though meat and other intake of animal products for me is only around 20%-30% of my diet, so I'm a far cry from being a total carnivore, but I'm also a far cry from being a vegan.

But again, I will say that to many people listening, this episode will be somewhat controversial. However, regardless of whether you agree with Dr Baker or not, I'd only ask you to treat his knowledge and experience with as much respect as you'd treat that of any other human. If you disagree, like I do with certain parts of the carnivore diet, that's fine. As I've said many times on this podcast, not every lifestyle choice is for everyone, and everyone is free to do their own research, and make up their own mind. I also recommend you seek out Dr Baker's recent interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, as he shares much more there that I couldn't in this 30 minute episode.


DR BAKER ON INSTAGRAM: @shawnbaker1967


DR BAKER'S WEBSITE: https://www.shawn-baker.com/ 

JOE ROGAN EPISODE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj_Bc9hdHa0 



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